Perhaps your child has difficulty paying attention or processing information. Or maybe you’re a professional who wants to improve your memory and concentration, or a musician looking to improve tonal recognition.

Anyone experiencing listening, sensory, learning, language, reading, attention, memory, social, communication, or auditory processing difficulties, can benefit from auditory training.

Auditory training helps both children and adults with:

  • Auditory processing difficulties
  • Attention difficulties such as ADD and ADHD
  • Autistic spectrum disorders
  • Dyslexia
  • Depression and anxiety
  • Stuttering, oral/motor control
  • Communication difficulties
  • Sensory integration issues
  • Sound sensitivities

The benefits of auditory training include:

  • Elevated mood and desire to connect with others
  • Increased memory and attention
  • More fluid expressive language
  • Improved reading and comprehension
  • Strengthened balance and coordination
  • Improved organizational skills
  • Diminished sound sensitivities
  • Improved voice quality

Sound stimulation training has also been very effective for those wishing to reduce foreign accents or learn new languages.