Sound Stimulation, also known as Auditory Training, is the therapeutic application of electronically modified music, delivered through specialized equipment.

Dynamic Listening’s Sound Stimulation is based on the work of Dr. Alfred A. Tomatis, an ear, nose, and throat specialist who spent 50 years developing a clinically proven method for re-training the ear and brain to improve learning, communication, and behavioral skills.

During initial sessions, clients listen to filtered and gated music through customized headphones while enjoying a variety of other activities. Board games, arts and crafts, building with blocks, playing cards, and other exercises that increase sensory awareness or improve balance and coordination, are all encouraged.

Subsequent sessions combine passive listening with expressive microphone work that includes toning, reading aloud, singing, and other vocal exercises.

The purpose of sound stimulation is to improve tonal processing by enhancing one’s ability to perceive a full range of frequencies.