Testimonials — See what our clients are saying about us.

“My friend has emerged in my son. He is so fun! He has developed a “lightness”- sense of play and confidence that was lost to us. He is more organized and dedicated to good habits. He wants to learn. He puts together abstract ideas and arrives at his own personal conclusions and opinions.”


Jamie is more verbal and connected. I have also seen an improvement in his motor skills. I also think his ability to regulate himself has improved.”

More language, better articulation, much better at following directions, no more bathroom issues/accidents.
— About Max

“Dylan’s sound sensitivities are just about gone. He tolerates the sounds he could not handle before. He enjoys listening to music much more and at louder volumes. His energy has increased a great deal.”

Cooper’s kindergarten teacher has said she is noticing positive changes with him in school. And he has figured out how to add with the Turbo Extreme (leap pad) game for addition. He wasn’t able to work it before, he just pushed buttons listening for sounds but he can focus and count it out and turn it to the right answer. He went from just adding one to a number to adding 5 to a number.
— Diane
Today something extraordinary happened. This morning Robert got up on his own and made his bed. He waited patiently for me to wake up. He told me eagerly that he wanted to do his homework. He looked happy and relaxed.
Her fear of noises has greatly diminished. She can tolerate the blow dryer and very often others laughing. She is not consumed with objects that make noise. She is not as physically agressive. She continues to scream but her frustration level is greatly improved.


“I have a traumatic brain injury since 5/2005. I have tried many interventions to help me focus, listen and to read. I am a doctoral student- I thought that improving my auditory processing (my strength) would enable me to overcome visual processing defecits. When I started the program, I began to read beyond a couplr of pages. The second sessions- I started hearing (processing) stereo sound, being aware of different instruments in songs. I also now read a book every 2 days! This program will enable me to graduate from my doctoral program in 2008!”

“What a difference from last school year to this with regards to confidence and effort. Liam still has a ways to go, but it is not the struggle it was last year to try and get him started. He takes his time and understands more of what he is doing.” –Pat

“Last week we saw a lot of improvements. Reina was able to complete her math homework without coaching. She has been wanting to read to me without help and she is sounding out all the words. Her dad said that she has been nice with her brother and sister playing in the yard. Just this morning her teacher said that she has improved “radically” since school started.” –Cathy

He is definitely more focused on projects and at school. He has stopped walking on his toes. He has become more coordinated physically. He expresses himself more clearly. He is less sensitive and emotional.
His vocabulary exploded, he has become more articulate, has a lot of new words. He is able to self-sooth now. He is able to problem solve better. He is more expressive and empathetic. Before starting this program, Jacob was able to speak some Spanish because our babysitter speaks the language- Now, he is more fluent in Spanish after starting his program.

“I have noticed that Tyler is choosing better words to get his point across. He has continued to verbalize more that when he started, He asks more questions and is more descriptive when trying to get me to notice things. Tyler also seems to have improved balance. I have also noticed some improvement in his reading comprehension.”          –Shannon


“Joshua is paying attention to details both in conversation and just about in any situation he comes across. He is doing much better in school as he comprehends directions and completes his work without getting sidetracked or losing focus with the task at hand. Joshua is also more confident at school. He is also very comfortable holding a conversation with an adult.”- Lettie